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Spain – Argentina: prediction and rate of Alexander Vishnevsky

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Forecast for the match of the third round of the football tournament of the Olympics in Tokyo, in which two top teams will play: Spain and Argentina. One of these teams will most likely be forced out of the tournament and give up their playoff seat to Australia or Egypt.

How the Spaniards and Argentines came to such a life? Spain has a more or less normal situation. They are satisfied with a draw in this match, but Argentina must definitely win.

The fact is that the Spanish youth team is a complete copy of the main national team. Overwhelming possession, the team creates many scoring chances. By all statistical indicators, it surpasses its rivals.

There is one problem scoring chances. As much as Spain is good at building, in attack, starting from the center of the field, so poor in the final stages. There is no center forward, and other players, when it is necessary to deliver the decisive blow, can not show anything.

As a result, the Spanish national team started in the best traditions of Spanish football, when they start badly, then to add. The first match against Egypt ended in a goalless draw, then they managed to defeat Australia with a score of 1: 0, and the goal was scored in the 80th minute. The second draw almost happened, with Spain completely dominating and playing against opponents who put up # 171; bus# 187; at your gate.

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As for Argentina, everything is much worse than that of Spain. First, there is no meaningful play, mediocre play between the lines. The worst part is how Argentina looks defensively. It’s just a disaster. It feels like two central defenders and the whole four of defense are not played at all. As if they came to the courtyard and see each other for the first time.

There is no coherence. The national team is disgusting. Argentina was supposed to concede about 5 goals in the game. First lost to Australia 0-2, then defeated Egypt 1-0. I must say that against the same opponents Argentina played much worse than Spain.

I think that Spain will win in this match, but since a draw is enough for her, then bet on the victory of Spain this is not a good idea. It is likely that the match will be productive, as Argentina allows many chances to be created at their goal.

My bet Spain will not lose if the total is over 1.5 goals. I think that Spain will score one goal, and then the swing game will start and again it will be possible to wait for a goal. Argentina will need to go all-in. By the way, in the end the probability of a goal is very high. Argentina can pass in case of a draw, but for this it is necessary to wait for the victory of Egypt over Australia, which is unlikely.

There will be a sharp game in the ending. Argentina will go all-in, which will give Spain an opportunity to respond to a counterattack. If earlier a “bus” was put up against Spain, then Argentina this is a more status team, and it will not sit in the trenches.

The chances of a goal in the end are great, so my second bet is goal after 74 minutes in 1.88.

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Photo: Masashi Hara / Getty Images Sport

All predictions, bets and odds for the football tournament of the Summer Olympics 2020

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