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Now we can create water from air

Even though the Earth’s water cover’s percentage is greater than that of the soil cover, scarcity of water is no new story to us. We’re always told to save water and to use the rest of it properly. And so, people are coming up with ideas and ways to save water and also there’s a flurry of astounding inventions creaming up today in the department of water-be it for its conservation or the way it should be used to minimize its exploitation and what not. Now this may sound quite unbelievable but Italian science has so advanced in this department that it has created this tower which can actually create water from AIR+Its no business of big machinaries-its all created with reeds and other NATURAL stuff. Sounds Magical?

Creating water from air

Well the magic is not in creating water from air But HOW it creates water. Behind this is a very basic-simple scientific phenomena. This device which can be easily made by local people harnesses a singularity to pull water from the air through condensation( we did come across this term in our junior classes. No?) and gets the condensed water stored. These devices known as Warka Waters does this magic of intaking the vapours from the thin air around it and condensing them to form water, clean enough to drink. This device of around 60kgs creates almost 100litres per day which is really impressive especially considering the need to save ourselves from an impending drought.

The project is said to show-up first in the villages of Ethiopia in 2015-a place which has a lower availability of water and the one which it has is of a worse quality as well- as read by the reports of the UN.

With Warka Waters coming up, it can surely guarantee the women and children of Ethiopia that they’ll not have to walk miles now to fetch water and this time they can now use in more productive activities too like education.



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