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The Grammys 2015 : The Only Review You Need To Read

Grammy Awards 2015


If you ask me what was more disappointing, Benedict Cumberbatch getting married or this year’s Grammy? I would definitely say the latter. And here’s why.

The 57th Grammy award winners were declared on February 8 at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. The show was hosted by rapper LL Cool J for the fourth time. And that’s not the only reason why this year’s Grammy didn’t live up to the expectations of its prestigious line up of performers. But let’s look at some of the bright moments of the night first.

AC/DC on a Highway to Hell: The Grammys couldn’t have asked for better opening act than the rock legend AC/DC performing their new single ‘Rock or Bust’ and ending with the classic ‘Highway to Hell’ all the while gripping the audience with some serious guitar slamming to which even Lady Gaga was found to be jamming in the audience.

Sam Smith grabs four awards and #Sammys trend in the Twittersphere: The newbie British singer-songwriter Sam Smith bagged the Record of the year, Song of the year along with Best Pop Vocal Album and Best New Artist. With hit songs like ‘Stay with me’ and ‘I’m not the only one’ on his first album ‘In the lonely hour’ and a soulful voice, no one doubted his triumph. In one of his winning speech he even thanked his ex-boyfriend saying, “I would like to thank the man this song is about who I fell in love with last year. Thank you for breaking my heart ‘cause you got me four Grammys.” I think he deserved another Grammy for saying that.

Madonna’s eye bulging act of Living for Love: The Queen took the stage in a raunchy red butt-revealing outfit and performed her new song ‘Living for love’. Her performance ended with the 56 years old performer dangling high up in the air wired on a harness. If only we all could be that sexy when we are 56 years old.


Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney share the stage: Rihanna and Kanye West were accompanied by Sir Paul McCartney on the stage for their new single ‘FourFiveSeconds’. The trio was applauded and approved by the A-list celebrities in the audience.

Ed Sheeran, Hozier and Annie Lennox set the mood: Ed Sheeran performed his romantic hit and my favorite ‘Thinking Out Loud’. The lyric genius was accompanied on stage with John Mayer playing guitar and often singing along the words. Hozier performed with Annie Lennox his Billboard chart topping single ‘Take me to church’. Hozier captivated the audience with his amazing vocals and made his promising presence known to the others in the industry. I wouldn’t mind going to his concert any day. That’s how good he sounded live.

Pharrell takes Happy to a new level: Earlier grabbing the award for Best Pop Solo Performance for ‘Happy’ Pharrell Williams performed the same starting off what seemed like a spooky slow rendition of the song with a choir group swaying around him. His performance soon perked up to the original tempo of the song and was accompanied by an Asian pianist called Lang Lang who shocked everybody with his magical piano solo. Pharrell’s performance was definitely one of the best of the night proving that he truly deserved the three shiny gramophone trophies he had received.

Sia’s top notch performance: The Australian singer showed off her powerful voice but not her face yet again. She sang the whole song facing a wall. Literally. But her little dancer friend from her music videos and an unexpected guest, the Bridesmaids actress Kristen Wiig made up for it by dancing around the stage to ‘Chandelier’. Sia’s performance made my top list of performers.


Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, John Legend, Jessie J, Lady Gaga, John Legend and many other big names in the industry took the stage too. President Barack Obama’s heartfelt video message requesting Americans to step forward and stop violence and abuse against women was one of the highlights of the show. However, when Kanye West smashed the stage and interrupted Beck’s Album of the Year speech everyone thought he was going to pull the same insulting thing he did to Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV VMAs but fortunately he didn’t ruin the moment for Beck and pretended it was a joke. According to an interview Kanye gave to E! News he later said, “I just know that the Grammys, if they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t gonna play with them no more, And Beck needs to respect artistry and he should’ve given his award to Beyonce.” To which Beck responded very subtly claiming he agreed with Kanye that Beyonce deserved the award. “I thought she was going to win. Come on she’s Beyonce!” He replied.

Apart from some of the great performances The Grammys this year lacked the energy they always had. More than half of the 26 songs played were low tempo and downright boring for such a coveted awards night in music. Even Kanye West stripped of his hip hop vibe and took the stage to perform a rap ballad. I knew nothing good could come out of marrying any Kardashian. I would have paid to listen to some annoying Taylor Swift song about killing her ex-boyfriends. That’s how bored I was half way through the show. Pretty sure, even Taylor missed doing her crazy dance moves this year considering the continuous ballads that pained my ears.

Ed Sheeran was dissed by the recording academy once again this year even after being nominated three times for his album X which was the most streamed album on Spotify. Probably the most disappointing moment of this year’s Grammys considering the beauty of his voice and songs. He’s so talented that they should build a Best Lyrics category and nominate all of his songs.

Summing up if I were to rate this year’s Grammys I would give it a 5 out of 10. The fact that the award show was seen by three million viewers less than the previous year proves I’m not the only one who didn’t enjoy the biggest night in music. My dear friend if you can sit through three and a half long hours of slow emotional music, which I cannot, congratulations, you survived this year.