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Aam Aadmi Party On Expectations.?

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It has been a great victory to Aam Aadmi Party in New Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal is on the same nineth cloud where ex-prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and Prime minister Narendra Modi was.
The three effective politicians might have a great similarity and Kejriwal could have  the same fall in 2 months which Rajiv Gandhi had in 2.5 months and Modi’s begun at the tenure of 9 months.
Why could it happen and how could it happen? The answer very much lies in the pages of history. In year 1984 Rajiv Gandhi won unexceptionally-even more than his grandfather Late Jawahar Lal Nehru and  Mother Late Indra Gandhi. Were those unexceptionally 410 seats were bagged on Rajiv Gandhi’s own efforts and capabilities.? Probably not.! These votes were sympathy to Martyr Indra Gandhi. But our very elegant Indian National Congress Portrayed Rajiv Gandhi worth and handed over the nobilities to the professional pilot.
He was being called the” Vivekananda of today” in those days.  Titles like “the maker of developing india” and “the voice of youth” were dedicated to Gandhi. What was the outcome of such dedication.? When congress solely fought the elections by his efforts the sets got reduced to half in number. The “borfors scandal” had digested it quite well.
Likely, Narendra Modi was an unknown face to the people of Gujrat until 2002. He wasn’t even the member of parliament or the municipal corporation. Keshubhai-ex chief minister of gujrat had resigned in 2001 due to his ill-health. L.K. Advani and Atalji had sent Modi all the way to Gandhinagar to Take charge of Gujrat.
The riots of 2002 made him the conservator of  peace in hindus. If it had not happened then modi might haven been back to BJP office in delhi.
The major similarity between Rajiv Gandhi And Modi  is the sheer co-incidences. This co-incidence made modi the prime minister in 2014 elections- Advani’s hardwork was deliciously served to him.!
Modi didn’t win because he was the conservator of peace for hindus or may be because he did immensely well for the development of gujrat but because he had really enhancing models for development and benefit of the country. Apart  from thse he was never highlighted for “Politics”.
The population if the country wanted to get rid of unfaithful and  corrupted leaders. This was sensed by Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh way back. Co-incidentally this space for faithful and sincere  leader was filled by Modi.  He has shown all the suitable qualities a good leader should hold.  Elections-and he won.
Even the Bhartiya Janta Party encourage and respect the work of their leader. By his catchy attire, his over visionary dialogues and attracting offers for the development of country he had left behind all the actors in bollywood.
Another co-incidence had been budding. Arvind Kejriwal seemed  more promising and attracting than Modi. His experience of being a convulsionary wasn’t much. How was the movement he had been volunteering about.? The baseless movement didn’t comeup with any conclusion. The lokpal files are getting dustier! That wasn’t a movement for lokpal but against corruption: spontaneously.
Anna couldn’t fetch as success as his volunteers could. Kejriwal won 28 seats in late 2013 elections. Rather than concentrating on opposition he had been much keen for the do’s of chief minister.
In 49 days he had proved that he not only lacks maturity but also vision and exemplary conducts. In 2013 he couldn’t bag much seats for the legislative. Co-incidence has its own way. The AAP had shaken roots and morals of Narendra Modi. The “trump” card of Kiran Bedi Was Played to save the game. But perhaps it was too late. The ball was already in AAP’s court.
Kejriwaal accepted the victory. He himself was astonished for winning 67 seats out of 70 in the legislative. He had learnt much in the span. Taking the chaplet or may be the weapon of politeness he had left many great leaders behind- this is what he advices his co-workers too.
Modi didn’t appreciate this advice; neither suggested it to his party. Now after facing a heavy defeat, Modi has zipped his mouth- much like Manmohan Singh. He has probably forgotten about the voice against corruption which had made him attain the victory. This has what made Kejriwal win the elections of 2015. The uprisingness  against corruption is still sustained in the democracy.
Modi had spent nine months in his wonderful dramatic hardwork. If Kejriwal goes like this for even two months, then probably no one can stop the fall of the country.
The Aam Aadmi Party has got double duties. Not only they’ve to project a more developing model for good government but also they’ve to lead a better path for the politics of the country. If you have to deliver a new direction, new path, or new vision to the politics of the country then you have to eventually leave the ancestory ways of Indian politics.! They need to get up with attracting trends and should maintain the freshness.
Stardom and popularity had distracted Kejriwal’s mind from delhi the last time. Now delhi should top kejriwal’s priority list. The country has got their eyes set up on kejriwal and delhi. Aam Aadmi Party has to maintain the treasury benches in delhi and also opposition all across the country. They need to wake the country up and make Delhi its mirror image .
If in upcoming years the Aam Aadmi Party stays away from politics of other states and gets familiar;friendly with people of the country then they could certainly change the 68 years old views and moral of Indian politics. It could be the beginning of new politics in the country.