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Top shows to look for in 2015


TV Shows have been great throughout. Whether 2014 was a sparkling twelve months of wonderful memories or a seemingly endless slog of bad news, it’s history now. We’re all about 2015, and it helps to have more than a dozen entertainment events to look forward to. Mark up those new calendars and look ahead.

The Walking Dead Mid Season Premier, February.
(Last-season spoilers ahead.) Rick, Daryl and the rest of our beloved, bloody bunch will start taking down walkers again in February. We know that Beth is is gone and our heroes are leaving the hospital behind, and star Andrew Lincoln (Rick) promised plenty of new characters staggering their way into the next eight episodes. In India the show mostly streams on Star World- so expect it to reach to you by March end or April.

House of Cards- Season 3, February.

Well this is the show I LOVEEE THE MOSTTT. I watched this show all through my exams last year. It mostly streams on  Star World and I hope that they will start streaming the show in India in the same month. So, plan now to call in sick on the last Friday in February, so you can spend the entire day binge-watching the third season of “House of Cards.” A teeny tiny teaser was released on Dec. 1. All it shows is now-President Frank Underwood walking up the steps of Air Force One with wife Claire, but that brief sly Kevin Spacey stare reminds us why we love it so.

Game of Thrones, April

(Last-season spoiler warning!) In the 2014 finale, fan favorite Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) finally offed his evil father Tywin (who died on the privy, a la Elvis). Sister Cersei is running things, which can only end in disaster. It’s not much better elsewhere — Jon Snow’s Wall is in chaos and Daenerys is struggling to keep her dragons under control in Meereen. Winter is coming, now more than ever.

I really hope HBO India streams it India at same time.

If you have something to add up- do comment.





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