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Review: Android Lollipop On Nexus 4

Android Lollipop on Nexus 4


Android Lollipop on Nexus 4. Yes that’s true well nexus 4 users who were upset 2 days back can now rejoice. Google has released the factory image for “occam”(previously mako) which are for nexus 4.the latest to nab a coat of sugary-sweet goodness is the Nexus 4 with build number LRX21T.

I flashed it on my nexus 4 device and well it’s working like a charm. I am playing with it since a day and here are the new things in the Android Lollipop 5.0 .

First of all when you flash the image the launcher turns to the stock launcher which I don’t like so I would suggest you to download the Google now launcher.

The biggest new feature in android lollipop is the design overhaul- the material design. The material design turns pixels on your screen into magic paper. Your every touch means something to the device, the app comes up from bottom, edit buttons transforms to pages and much more- It works on it’s own laws of physics and well adds up a whole bunch of new bright colours on your screen. It’s beautiful and powerful but that’s not the whole story there are a dozen of new tweaks and tinkers done to the new update. One feature that caught me is the tap and go feature where you can connect your old android handset with NFC or bluetooth and get all your settings from the old handset to new one.

Face Unlock is a lot more better now you don’t have to wait for it now the feature works on the background of your lock screen. Notifications are the best new improvement too they come right on your lock screen where you can either swipe them or expand them to have a better view at it. Talking about notifications they have also added a feature called priority notifications- it’s a little like do not disturb on the iPhone but it’s a way smarter. You can add certain apps to notify you and block the rest and even let’s you add times in case you forget to put the phone off the silent mode.

Talking about privacy you can add certain apps with just acted notifications on lock screen. Other than that you can also use the guest mode when you handle your phone to someone else.  That doesn’t stop there the phone also have the pinned screen feature which let’s you add a screen pinned on your screen and well it acts as if the phone is hanged. This feature can be very useful when someone is irritating you to show your phone.

Lollipop is also better in quick settings. They all come in one pane and you can perform tasks from turning on the flashlight to adjusting the brightness just from that pane. Even the contact cards are neat they pick up the accent colours from the contact photos- red to match lipstick and orange to match sweater- all makes it clean. Even the things that worked better now even looks better- the feature is now called overview. It makes all the apps come in cards and well it even adds cards from the google apps opened screens. Whether it’s and Email from Gmail or a Tab in Google Chrome you can find everything as a card in the overview.

Google has almost 7000 API’s for developers and well there are other stuff like project volta which are supposed to make your device’s battery life better. There are also many other new features in the google apps like gmail and google calendar. Android Lollipop is the greatest change in Google’s android OS since ICS in 2011 and Well it’s Even the best change ever.


Screen Shot of Android Lollipop 5.0 on Nexus 4:



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