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Window Shopping gets virtual touch

The Virtual Touch


Imagine yourself going to a museum trying to look inside the glass cage and suddenly you feel your hand can actually penetrate! Or visualize trying on a cloth from a store even when the store is closed…? seems impractical! Doesn’t it?

But Here! A new tech which unveiled at an international conference can now make you do so!
Researchers have united semi-transparent mirrors with a projector and sensors to create interactive transparent displays that let you virtually interact with oSbject behind the glass.
This could change the ways in which people collaborate. Helpful at Museums, shop windows etc.

About its phenomenon—its build on a mirror’s ability to map a reflection to one unique point behind the mirror, independently of the observer’s location which is the research led by Professor Sriram Subramanian, Diego Martinez Plasencia and Florent Bethaut from the University of Bristol’s Department of Computer Science.

Such approaches have increased collaborations in interaction sessions. By placing a projector on top of the cabinet, fingertips could work as little lamps to elucidate and explore murky and susceptible objects. When a hand’s expression cuts through the object, the projections on visitors’ hands could be used to divulge the inside of the object, which would be evident to any user.

“This work offers exciting interactive possibilities that could be used in many situations. Semi-transparent surfaces are everywhere around us, in every bank and shop window. One example, is when people can’t access a shop because it’s closed. However, their reflection would be visible inside the shop window and that would enable them to try clothes on using their reflection, pay for the item using a debit/credit card and then have it delivered to their home,” said Diego Martinez, a Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction in the Bristol Interaction and Graphics (BIG) group.

Somehow the amalgamation of spaces in front and behind is a really great tech that can help us boost our interactive sessions assembling us to learn and discover more!

Source: Bangalore Mirror

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