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Rise Of The Phablets

Iphone and galaxy note 3


Phablets, we all know what they are. So the thing that’s happening around the world was never thought before. Why is it that the number of  “Big”smartphones(Phablets) being sold are increasing every day? I mean why would someone actually want a phone that big.

Let’s get deep into the Phone-Tablet (Phablet) trend, And well the best way to get into it- Form factor. At first-people thought that big phone’s are actually useless and ridiculous.  They weren’t phones and they weren’t tablet, duhhh… something in the middle and well we actually have a tendency to hate the stuff in the middle. Well let’s talk about today- This may surprise alot of people but this is one of the most selling form factor in the market and the companies which actually tried to make fun of this factor are themselves getting into this domain- you get me right it’s Apple.

Logically thinking- People buying “Offensively over sized phones ” is just based on the formula of Value= Benefits/Cost. A Phablet in reality don’t cost that much more than a regular phone, but definitely it gives much more benefits because of the larger screen size. Actually It depends on the individual user, People who are benefited more are the people like me, who use their phone for almost every single thing. With a Phablet everyone gets much more real estate resulting in easier texting, better browsing and an awesome gaming experience and movie watching , also a better reading experience if you read e-books. Some phones also provide some multi-tasking features for that massive screen.

Bottom Line- A screen is the central component for a smartphone. So more of it is welcomed from a functionality stand point, so all for this kind of user the negative point is the pocketability of the smart phone (I just invented a new word.)

Now let’s talk about the people who don’t like phablets. Well these are the people who really don’t use the phone for everything. So for them they feel that due to the physical size they get less value then someone who buys a regular phone.

Well there is an opinion shift but still the natural progression towards the attitude of people who are against large screens are

  1. They look ridiculous and well cheap
  2. They feel it will get really long to just get the gist of the massive device

And well after that they will eventually shift towards the big screen phones and will stop using the tablets. Well we saw this last year with the users of Note 3 and LG G3 . This year apple even mainstreamed it with the release of iPhone 6 plus.

So that was a logical explanation for why people compromise portability over functionality.



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