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A bracelet that’d be your savior

A bracelet that'd tell you about your drunkenness And perhaps be a saviour, saving you from sexual assaults.


A bracelet that’d tell you about your drunkenness And perhaps be a saviour, saving you from sexual assaults.

Ever thought for a moment that if you were to be drunk so bad, like SO BAD that you encounter no ideas about the world around you but then you see a guy approaching you and then the next moment you find yourself in Washroom And then when you’re out and down you throw your guesses upon how you spent your last 3 hours and then feel bad? You probably won’t want this to happen with you but you know while getting drunk you’re always the one to go off-limits because you forget them Every. Single. Time. But What if I tell you there was something that could remind you of your limits and get you saved? This bracelet. This bracelet will save you. When you’re almost there just reaching your limits it’d vibrate its’ ass off to make sure you stop. That’s one of the core features of Vive, a technology concept created by University of Washington design and user experience students. It was one of the more note worthy concepts presented this week at the annual Design Expo at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Redmond.


How it works and how can it save you? The bracelet in contact with your skin just needs a squeeze and then by checking your dehydration + drunk levels from your skin if it responds to you on squeezing, well and good, you many continue partying but if it doesn’t may be you should go home for you’re drunk. Way too much!


But if you’re the one who has got drunk out of limits and finally you find yourself grabbed in a dangerous situation! Then what? Actually you can get it linked with your social media too And when you’re gone out of this bracelet’s drunk-limit-levels , this bracelet will actually ping your friends for your help!


And then maybe one day, while dancing on the great DJ at a party you find your bracelet vibrating and see that your friend didn’t respond to her wristband’s attempt to make sure she’s all conscious and okay, you go find her, taking her out of the dangerous stuff that she has gotten into and be her life saviour. :’) Give Thanks to Vive.

Source: Geekwire

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