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Apple Watch Explained

Apple Watch

Apple finally enters the smartwatch race with the Apple Watch. Like others, it’s a fitness tracker, but the Watch features a unique digital crown and offers numerous customization options.

The Device is a square face smartwatch and comes with 2 different sizes, 3 different models and also with a variety of bands. All models feature what apple calls a digital crown, a small knob on the side of the device, think of it as a home button of an iPhone. The Digital crown can be rotated to scroll, zoom and navigate the user interface without obstructing the display. The glass of the watch is made of saphire crystal, the scratch proof material that has been speculated to be used in the new iPhones’ Display.

Saphire is a relatively common material in high end watch making and it makes perfect sense to be used here. On the back side of the watch is a set of four rings that has infrared sensors and other tracking sensors. They all work together to track your heart rate and with all that information apple say’s that it can have a comprehensive look at a person’s daily activity.

The watch also features a taptic engine which allows the user to get notified at times via a tap from watch. The watch’s screen also recognises the difference between a tap and a press. Charging is based on induction charging and the charger simple snaps on the back of the device. The watch will be compatible to all the iPhones after iPhone 5.

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