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Nail-paints which will save you from a rape trap.

Nail Paints


Spending time making minor modifications to one’s hair, make-up, or attires before a blind date is a touchstone. But at times your complete reliablity on that someone can turn out to be one of your greatest mistakes .

What if they add some drugs to pass-you-out or dissolve some date rape drugs(rohipnol) to your drinks behind your back?–“Anterograde amnesia” Is what would happen to you next. In other words, your mind would get blocked from forming new memories for a period of time and this is when this they’d take lead.

Even statistics read out that 25% of sexual assaults happen just because of such rape drugs and alcohol. To prevent This happening to you Developers at N.C. State University after 3long years have come-up with a special type of a *Nail-paint* known as ‘The Undercover Colors’ which will turn out to be a life-saver. It’ll change its colour when exposed to the Date Rape Drugs.This tech.

Could really be aiding women.according to ELLE a study published in The Washington Post notes that instances of campus sex offenses have risen by as much as 50 percent in just the past three years. And thats way tooooo much!!

Will we have to dip our finger nails to detect the presence of such drugs? Or is it that after the consumption of a drug-laiden drink the nail-paints would get their colors changed? Or….

We’re sure these questions and more must be knocking you, since the product is still in the prototype stage while it awaits additional funding. But yes we do applaud such people with such brilliant minds to come-up with life saving ideas for women for such unspeakable violences especially when the statistics just don’t seem to stop soaring..




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