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Best tablet you could buy


Tablets are great for everything- From playing games to watching videos to reading books and magazines and all sorts of other stuffs, they can even be used as drawing slates. And well inspite of the outrage from many tech nerds some people even use them as a primary camera. Some people like to use tablets as there only computers but for many of us them as our secondary devices- they compliment our smartphones and laptops.

Well a good tablet should be light weight, fast , well built, have lots of apps available and should also have a day long or later usage. It should also have a large ecosystem of accessories available- things like styluses, cases keyboards things which will let us do more  with our tablets than we can do normally.

Note: The list which we made is made on our views and we are not biased towards a particular company that makes tablet.

1. iPad Air:

iPad Air

When everything is considered apple’s iPad air is the best tablet for most people. It’s very well built, exceptionally light weight has a fast processor and even has a battery life that lasts for a day. It even have one of the best resolution screen in the genre. The screen is easy to look at when reading but vibrant and colourful enough for videos to look great too. The air also is available with 100s and 1000s of apps that are for iPads. Well to be true every major service and apps has their versions for iPads. Many of which make use of Air’s larger display. Talking about iOS, it’s one of the simplest and easiest to use operating system available in the market, so virtually anyone can pick up an iPAD and quickly grasp. There are also countless accessories which you can get for iPad air. But actually it works great out of the box too, so you can feel compelled about your accessory if you want to compliment your iPad with it or not.

2. iPad mini with retina:

iPad Mini 2 review

Well where air is the  best tablet for many out there iPad mini comes at the close second. It’s smaller 7.9 inchs. vs 9.7, and even lighter which makes it better to hold even in one hand. It’s easy to read stuff through it or you can just slip it to your bag and  take it wherever you want to go. If you find yourself in planes and trains all the time then iPad mini is really the best choice for you. It’s not as versatile as the air but it’s more portable.


There are countless other tablets in the market but none of them felt considerable. Samsung on the other hand have dozens of tablets in the market but all of them suffer from the same software issue. They also feel plasticy and chicy as compared to the iPad. Many have excellent displays and many even have smartpens to write on those displays but that unfortunately don’t fill the other shortcomings.

3. Microsoft Surface 3

Surface Pro 3


Microsoft has been trying to figure out tablets for years and the surface pro 3 is the best effort yet. But it’s much better as a desktop computer then a tablet. It’s just too big and clumsy. And while it can run lots of old windows apps but there are only few tablets apps available for that.

4. Nexus 7 (2013)

Nexus 7 2013

Google’s own  nexus 7 also makes up in the list but its up around for over an year and has more software issues then an iPad. Well if you are looking for just a cheap tablet you can go for it.

5. Amazon Kindle Fire HDXKindle Fire HDX

Amazon kindle fire HDX boast a great display and have a stylish light weight design. But it’s hampered by the amount of limited apps. It’s really tailor made to present Amazon’s services and make it easy to purchase from retail giant, But you can still download amazon’s environment on an iPad and still do alot from it.

And that’s really it, tablets are fun to use and great for many things such as reading, playing games, watching videos and a lot more. And taking that under consideration iPad is the clear winner and the best one you can get



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