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IBM Watson, The Next Big Thing.

Well in the previous post I told you how things like microchip and internet pushed us forward towards the new era of technology. But in this post we are going to dive even further in the world of technology.

Well a note to the reader:  I don’t usually say this, but it’s imperative for you to pay attention through the post also I would also like, if you all will give a really close look to the embedded videos. What you are about to read may very well be the future of computing and may directly affect you in the near future. 

As we fast approach the middle of the 2010, It’s clear that we had many of the new emerging technologies. Things such as 3D printed houses, food and most recently the 3D printed organ. In addition to this We saw a new kind of currency that doesn’t need any kind of federal reserve for it, The Crypto Currency. 3D Printed Bitcoin

We have also seen the rise of the ultra light drone and It’s applications from services to surveillance. With the aid of the smartphones drones can perform incredible feats, unimaginable to the common man. And to top it off, I would like to add the Dextrous Robot which recently brought google under its way. But it might as well seem to be nothing in front of what I’m about to tell you right now.

Well This computer was designed to work & think like humans, let’s say was designed to operate like the human brain. Just think-

What if those artificial intelligence machine’s are so powerful that it could take any information and then can give you relevant answers for naturally asked question , that too backed by reasoning?

What if this machine could aid in finance, scientific research, healthcare, business solutions, revolutionise the food industry and much more. So what am I talking about here, welcome to the world of IBM Watson.

So what is it?

Watson at it’s core is a super computer. But the genius is really in the software.  It was handbuild by IBM and has cloud computing in mind. In a nutshell it’s a cutting edge of artificial intelligence many levels above anything we have seen before. So you might just think that how is this ain’t different from google or google now? So for that please watch the embedded video which will help you in realising the real power of IBM Watson.

So that demonstration was pretty cool but that’s just the beginning. The thing which makes IBM Watson more astonishing is what it can do without internet. Like what? How about beating two of the jeopardy champions.


Well not only this in February 2013 IBM announced Watson’s system application would be for management of decisions for lung cancer treatment at Kattering Cancer center.

Watson has been so much developed here that today 90% of the nurses in this field use Watson’s Guidance(Those who use it).


Well not only this IBM Watson is now even in the market of traders.


There’s alot to take in but the bottom line is Watson is showing some very real promise of giving accurate answers to anything if you give it he information. All of this being said there’s a touch of display of concern amongst some about giving reasonable answers in the field of expertise which would otherwise require years of industry experience.

Although today watson is still a tool and a guide but the obvious question is could Watson replace expensive employees which are currently within the same area of operation. Even thought we can say that the same will happen to it like the microchips, nobody can say it for sure. If the Job Depends on research and reasoning it could very well be the possibility that watson will hop into it. The technology behind watson is very exciting due to the fact that IBM announced that it will make Watson available to the developers to make softwares with the embedded capabilities of watson

Well in the previous post we told you how big google got by giving answers, Imagine how big the future is by letting the Watson provide us information and that too with reasoning.

Scary but this may be the best thing that we would ever encounter in life.


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