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Technology and Its on going cycle, what’s next?



Technology has been a part of human civilisation since it’s dawn. Human’s since the dawn of the modern civilisation humans have been pushing towards something. We’ve continuously been creating tools to make our lives easier. Tools to help us win, thrive and survive within the circumstances of the age. Tools such as language mathematics and science helped build early society and of course sometimes Greed and the love of power did get in the way of this concept.

But the creations of new tools never stopped. Directly after the great war of the 20th century, we saw unparalleled prosperity and more positive changes to society then ever before. And a few decades later came the tool that truly changed the world, ” The Micro chip ” .

As the industrial revolution expanded human ability in a physical sense by amplifying human strength,  The microchip revolutionise to amplify the power of human brain. We then saw the pace of technology increase at a brand new level. Even in the decades of conflict a new age of rapidly evolving technology came in front.

And after this the internet shrunk the world and consolidated all of humanities information in just one place. All of our history thoughts and ideas were put together and wrapped with the dynamic experience for interactions between individuals, communities and even political figures.

Currently we live in a time like no other, and  we all know it. But what tool is next after the internet, What is the next game changing type of technology.

Stay tuned to be continued.



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Harsh Songra

Chief Editor and Founder at The Time Ahead
He is the Chief Editor and Founder of The Time Ahead

Age 18, A nerd , A geek, Techno Savy, Web Designer and a god programmer.

He is a developer and has his apps on Google Play. Here he will provide you with his views on the latest news about the world of technology, business and science. He will also provide you with some how-to-do’s and walkthrough’s.
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