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Smartphones and there astonishing facts Pt. 3!

We know that the post is pretty late and I know that you people waited a lot for it, But I got busy with the FIFA finals in 2014 and well also my birthday.

2. Smartphones are more powerful than you think.

For this one we have to go through the journey of time and space to 1946. On this year the world’s first ever general purpose electronic computer was created and it’s name was ENIAC(Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer).  The ENIAC computer took up an entire room and a colossal amounts of energy to complete 385 calculations per second. Fast forward to last year say 2013, The snapdragon 800 chip was launched, which can do 28 Billion calculations per second. In other word’s it would take 72 million ENIAC computers just to make up the power of one smartphone chip. Calculating them with the area they cover, it would take upto 11.8 Kms^2 to make up one smartphone chip.

Snapdragon 800 The Fastest Processor in Smartphones



1. Smartphone is a PC.



Ubuntu in the previous latest release proved it that your smartphone is a PC. By definition in reality your smartphone is a PC(Personal Computer). Just plug-in a Ubuntu Smartphone with a Monitor connecting and connect a Keyboard and Mouse to it and you can then perform a productive task with it. Hypothetically if your PC is dead then you can use the smartphone to do the same task and in the same manner. If it’s an android phone then you can even add hardware components like fan and USB connector to just make it work and yes people it do work.

And that rounds up the top 5 mind blowing facts of your smartphone


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