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Smartphones and their Astonishing Facts! Pt. 1

SmartphonesSmartphones, They really changed our world. Looking at the Big Picture of Technology Smartphones are so new and have grown so fast, that much of the general public hasn’t really taken note of what’s going around them. These are the top 5 mind blowing facts about your smartphone. And I bet You wont be knowing all 5 of them.


5.Smartphones used in NASA Satellites.

NASA used them to make cheap satellites. The smart phone industry has pushed the boundaries of low cost high performance satellites. So far the average smartphone has more computing power and memory than an average satellite. In addition to this smartphones already have a GPS, multiple accelerometer, motion sensors, radio receivers and  more for well under $1000. NASA Noticed this unique and normally modern technology, and in 2009 they created Project Phonesat, an ongoing project that uses smartphones as an onboard computer on a satellite, well the average lifespan of the satellites is one year. Till now there have been multiple versions launched. NASA Phonesat

4.Smartphone industry is the History’s Fastest Growing Industry

Smartphones are the fastest growing industry in the history. To really understand how big that is let me provide you the figures. The industries worth today is about $300 Billion. Comparing it to the next closest thing humanity has seen– PC’s , the smartphone industry is growing 4 times the rate to PC market.  In January 2014 mobile phone internet usage took over PC’s internet Usage .Mobile Taking Over PC internet Usage

In the span of 1975 and 2008, 1 Billion PC’s were sold.– Including Desktops, Laptops, Servers and everything. In 2013 Smartphones Sales Topped 1 Billions, and well India is the Fastest Growing Smartphone Market

The Sales have been so rapid that even on youtube some smartphone reviewers such as MKBHD have been made celebrities. There are also few smartphones which are low cost but still deliver high performance features– Such as Google Nexus 5. Its all pretty interesting and all just started from last year or so.

These are two of them, Want to know more , Just Stay tuned.

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