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What is Google’s ATAP?

Google ATAP



At Google I/O 2014 we saw one of the craziest and the beautiful stuff that Google is gonna be working on. It’s Coming out of the Advanced Technology and Products(ATAP) Group. Its a team lead by ex-DARPA director Regina Dugan, And shez a legitimate Bad Ass.

Google’s Presentation At I/O is essentially a Grand Introduction for ATAP to the World. She Told us who ATAP is and how they work. The cool shit that ATAP is building is sometimes hard to describe. These aren’t the traditional product prototype we are used to.

The first thing they showed us is project Tango-Technical lead Jhonny Lee Shows the all-seeing tablet that’s able to see in 3D and knows where it is inn space. It’s called spatial awareness. Well it might help blind people move around and video game developer create Amazing new Stuff.

The best Demo that we saw was the tablet moving around 5 floors of Google’s campus and with only one percent of drift during the entire trip. And well all mapping just camera’s and motion sensors, no GPS. And then  there was soldiers attacking bath tubs and real time portal puzzles.

Next stuff was Paul Eremenko showing Project Ara-It’s a modular smartphone that should be arriving for developers this fall– And it’s coming along. For the first time we saw an Ara phone boot up– And then freeze. But the working phone may arrive later and when it comes-we may have some pretty crazy modules for it.

Eremenko says:

Rather than changing the phone for the camera, I would love to change the camera for the phone.


Last but certainly not least– we got an update on spotlight story. The new little animated virtual reality that you might have seen on the Moto X , ATAP is working on new on  Called Duet working with Tarzen and Disney Animator Glen Kean.

Basically ATAP is a Group of people from DARPA making projects that people thought is impossible, But in reality they have already pulled it off.


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