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Google’s Project Tango now on a Tablet

Google project tango tab


Google has now unveiled its new Tango Tablet Developers’ Kit , which is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 mobile processor. Google Tango Tablet features a 7-inch display screen and runs on KitKat Android operating system. It also includes 4GB of RAM and its storage capacity is 128GB. And it will support some of the most recent features in the mobile market, like OpenGL 4.4. It will cost $1000

The Tango tablet has been designed for the purpose of GPU computing. Its Tegra K1 processor includes 192 programmable GPU cores can deliver better mobile graphics. Those cores use the same efficient Kepler architecture found in the world’s most powerful supercomputers and workstations.

Official reports also further reported, ‘The use of this NVIDIA technology into a mobile chip makes computer vision applications portable, affordable, and easy to build.’ This tablet incorporates cameras optimized for computer vision, advanced sensor fusion algorithms and integrated depth sensing tools. As a result, it can understand space and motion the way humans do, enabling interior spaces to be quickly mapped in three dimensions, allowing the creation of applications that blend real and virtual objects.

Game developers can even paint a 3D virtual battlefield in your living room. Or create large-scale virtual and augmented reality experiences. Real estate companies could build interactive, 360-degree ‘fly-through’ tours. Interior designers could scan a client’s home and test design ideas, such as moving walls or inserting furniture. Retailers can guide the user to specific places or products.

Source: Mashable

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