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How Big Google is ?

This post is not a tinfoil hat post where I’m going to talk about how Google is big and going to become the next Skynet. Here I will provide you some facts which I got from numerous sources during my research and It is the compilation of all that





1995 I was not even born, But the public internet was only 3 years old. People at that time were not knowing what the internet was or how to use it or even if it was of any use to them. On one particular day on 1995 history would change forever, 22 year old Larry Page and 21 year old Sergie Brin meet for the first time in Stanford university. Larry and Sergie soon became good friends and began collaborating on a search engine called Back Rub. In 1995 there were about 13 search engines to choose from but all were terrible.They didn’t give back anything remotely close to what you would ask for.

But Back Rub was different it had got a secret formula called Page Rank.

Formula Used in Pagerank(Google Algorithm )

Formula Used in Pagerank ( Google’s Algorithm simple one )


This was the key ,the secret, the thing indirectly be worth billions in the future. On september 15th 1997 the name Back Rub was changed to Google– and the rest as they say is “History”.

Google the stuff you probably don’t know, All of us just really see the service of Google as we use there online services like Google search, Gmail, Google+ and Youtube.

Google Services

Many of us have a phone featuring google software, and many may even have google hardware. There’s google self driving cars and there augmented reality glasses which are cool.

But very few people ask Themselves


And what are they upto

Well according to Forbes Google’s net worth today is $382.7 Billion Dollars.

Let’s have a look at 5 interesting Google Acquisitions in the past:

5. Android: Acquisition Date: 17th August 2005   Cost: $50 Million

Android Toy


All of us today know what Android is and no doubt the best part of android is it’s open source environment– which allows the operating system to be anything and in any form. Say it phones, cars, fridges or TV’s . Out of the 261.1 million smartphones sold in 2013, 211 million of them were running android. — over 80% i guess.

Android has allowed access for countries such as china, to really have a serious shot at the smartphone industry.


4. Youtube: Acquisition Date : 10th December, 2006, Cost: $1.65 Billion



I will deny justice to convey just how Mindblowingly huge YouTube is. The Facts will do this for me:– Looking at YouTube purely just as a search engine, it’s bigger than Bing, Yahoo! and Ask all combined. In fact it’s the largest search engine on the planet, second to Google search itself. So it’s obvious that people are searching for a lot of things, this only must mean that there are a lot of contents on YouTube. But how much actual continuous video content get’s uploaded:– Almost a decade of video’s are uploaded at 72 arrows per minute. Well that’s just in one day. There is almost 4 billion hours of videos watched each month.


3. Motorola Mobility: Acquisition Date: 15th August 2011, Cost: $12.5 Billion

Motorola And Google


Motorola Mobility was in trouble int the early 2010’s and Google used this technology to get themselves onto the hardware side of the smartphone world. And well this year they sold it to Lenovo for $2.9 Billion. Well the still took for some of the companies sections which they wanted to keep with them, such as ATAP.


2. Boston Dynamics: Acquisition Date: 10th December 2013 Cost: Unknown

Robots Boston Dynamics


Okay, so this is where thing’s start to get a Little bit Crazy.– Google bought Boston Dynamic’s, the company that created robot technology. Well that means Google now have one of the most advanced robotic technology on the planet in there hands now.

1. Nest: Acquisition Date: 13th January 2014 Cost: $3.2 Billion

Google's Nest


Nest Labs previously created some very beautiful and smart thermostats and smoke detectors. As a part of there goal to create a conscious home.Google is going to help them do that in a very big way,–We may eventually see a home powered by android and google now.

These kind of acquisitions will be quite interesting in the next 5 years

And A Bonus Item– “Deep Mind”Acquisition Date: 26th January 2014 Cost: Partly $400 Million

Google's DeepMind

This is the first AI company acquired by Google, Deep Mind can be described as the worldclass ground breaking technology on the cutting edge of machine learning, They use system neuro-science for most powerful and general learning algorithms. According to official statements the Deepmind technology is going to be used in google image search.

Lets now talk about the some more crazy stuff out there

Automated Cars: 

Google's New Self Driving Cars

Google has been showing off its work on driverless cars for a few years now, but up until this week, these vehicles always used a human driver or two for backup. But all that has changed with the introduction of Google’s new, completely autonomous vehicle. The prototype car doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals, and passengers are buckled into what are essentially back seats. These cars aren’t street legal yet, but while regulators iron out the details of when and where they can drive, Google is intent on showing that automobiles are far safer without any input from us puny humans.

Project Ara

project ara mob

Its a moonshot project out of the Advanced Technology And Products(ATAP) inside Google that are trying to build modular smart phone that will let the consumer swipe out components on a fly.  Sound’s like a nerd’s dream but the real dream is to change the way how we make and buy phones in the future.

Project Ara isn’t a phone it’s actually a Project, ATAP a group that somehow came out of DARPA is essentially just making instructions of how the modular phones will work. They are developing a technology where different modular pieces will target each other and are working with partners to make prototypes.

Google Glass: 


Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD). It was developed by Google with the mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer.Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format. Wearers communicate with the Internet via natural language voice commands. Google Glass became officially available to the general public on May 15, 2014, for a price of $1500. Before that users were required to receive invitations before they could try Google Glass.

Google X: 


Google X is a semi-secret Facility run by Sergey Brin and Astro Teller Google X Aims to:

“Improve Technology By a Factor of 10”

That Automated Technology thing, well its a project by them only. Astro Teller Says– “Think of Science fiction sounding solutions”. In late 2013 Google won in the robotics company acquisition spree.

Project Loon:

Project Loon

Project Loon Aims to provide internet to the 4 Billion people who don’t yet have access to this service. They will fire a balloon to the stratosphere. The balloons will flow almost 32 Kms above the earth surface, The balloons will create arial wireless network with 3G speed. Google Hopes that project loon will be a low cost way to bring the rest of the world online.

D’Wave (Quantum Computing):


Google and Nasa Teamed up to install the first ever Quantum Computer to install it at NASA California. Performance wise it’s not that great as a Quantum Computer– It’s just a tiny bit faster than a regular computer. But of course it’s a new style of computing and eventually it will grow. It’s hoped that it will be used in the future to solve very complex algorithms/optimisation problems– One of which is global warming.

Specialised Contact Lenses:

Google's Contact Lense

Google Contact Lens is a smart contact lens project announced by Google on 16 January 2014. The project aims to assist people with diabetes by constantly measuring the glucose levels in their tears. The project is being carried out by Google X and it is currently being tested using prototypes.


So over the next Decade we may see home automation from a conscious house, Advanced intelligent robotics and the global expansion of internet coverage. But in 10 years how much will google own, there services may already account for almost 40% of the whole internet traffic. It’s almost unsettling to see how a company could make such a large and growing embrace on the technological universe. On the other hand it only can be and it has to be Google as it advances the state of the art technology– There’s no other company out there to do the development and research of such type and producing products at a reasonable price.

So you have just read about the worlds largest most dynamic and influential company we are ever likely to see.

So what do we take away from all this.

Well you can look at it this way — The founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page were just two regular Guys.

Sergey Brin And Larry PageTwo regular college dropouts to be exact. They saw a need, a need for more accurate search and they have put there minds in it and well we all have just read the results.

Well so for the next time you feel like giving up on an idea think that two very intelligent yet regular guys changed the world so what do you have to loose for??

Food for thought isn’t it    

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