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Google’s new Self Driving Car: Safest on road

Google's New Self Driving Cars

Google has been showing off its work on driverless cars for a few years now, but up until this week, these vehicles always used a human driver or two for backup. But all that has changed with the introduction of Google’s new, completely autonomous vehicle. The prototype car doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals, and passengers are buckled into what are essentially back seats. These cars aren’t street legal yet, but while regulators iron out the details of when and where they can drive, Google is intent on showing that automobiles are far safer without any input from us puny humans.

Rob Medford Google’s Director of Safety on Driverless car project says:

More than 90% of the automobile accident are caused by human error.

That adds up to more than 33000 people dying every year. The leading cause of death for people between the age of 4 and 34. Google’s newest unit is purpose built for safety, The form factor is meant for safety- means no blind spots for camera and it can detect objects for 360 ° and as far as 200 yards away.

The all electric vehicle can top upto 25 miles an hour i.e. 41 kms per hour. It has a front end built of soft foam, Google hopes will cushion any pedestrian struck by the car.

The company acknowledges that an accident is inevitable but says collisions will be far less frequent and less dangerous then it is with people behind wheels.Google has been putting its first gen of driverless cars through a series of tasks around the mountain view. Its the same system as being used in its fully autonomous models. The system can detect obstacles and can give them colour codes accordingly.

Cyclist are red, Pedestrians yellow and vehicles on the either green or pink.

The system so far can detect cones, construction zones, rail road crossings and yes it knows when a cyclist raises his hands to change the lanes and then just changes his mind at the last minute.

Google wants its cars to drive without the human world behind the wheel, or lets say no human world behind. To slow down going into a turn or to stop at a four way to indicate it wants to go next.

For now google’s totally autonomous cars are operating totally on a closed track. But plans to eventually expand to the city and mountain view.

The company knows that its driverless cars will likely be a ripe target for scammers looking to sue Google, but its hoping that can be prevented by the array of cameras recording the vehicles every move. As Sebsatian Thru, the original inventor of Google’s driverless cars, told the New York Times,

“…the big losers are going to be the trial lawyers.”


Source: Re/Code





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