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Test which side of your brain you use the most.

brain-test is a completely new website that caught my eyes. It is basically a website with a questionnaire and according to your answers the website will tell you whether you use your brain’s right hemisphere or left hemisphere the most.

Does the brain test measure knowledge or brain development?

The brain test is a fun and insightful game that helps us learn more about ourselves and the way we think. There are no right or wrong answers, it merely tests the balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The brain test doesn’t measure knowledge like a brain training game does, and it is not designed for brain development, however it does tell us a lot about our brains; the result reveals to users how much they use the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Simply complete the quiz to get the result.

What was my score?

It was 69% left hemisphere and 31% right hemisphere. Which means I’ve more strategical and logical thinking than curiosity and creativity (not possible).

Well the website uses some scientific fundamentals to figure out which side of your brain you use the most. So go and check out and find the way your brain works.


Source: Brain-test

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