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The Amazing Spider Man 2: A must watch




Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened to the public on May 2 and people just can’t stop talking about how action-packed this film is. However, critics have been unimpressed. We here wanted to give you the run down of what the critics had to say, who “Spidey” had to battle, and what girl he had to save this time around in the Marvel inspired thrill-ride.

‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ A Must See? Review Roundup

The film picks up where The Amazing Spider-Man left off. Uncle Ben is dead, Aunt May is still trying to raise Peter Parker (Spider-Man / Andrew Garfield), and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) is still getting over the loss of her father after he was killed by a giant “Lizard.”

However, there are more twists and turns in this film as well. Peter learns that he is being followed by his friend Harry Osborn’s (Dane Dehaan) company. Meanwhile Harry and the company work to create a super human through science. All hell breaks loose when they succeed, creating the villain Electro (Jamie Foxx),  and Spider-Man has to clean up the mess. Poor “Spidey” has to do all this and keep his loved ones safe at the same time.

‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Movie Review Roundup

We loved this version of Spider-Man, with its gritty backdrop, emotional story lines, and on the edge of your seat action. However, the critics have been taking a different stance on the film, calling it “just ok” and “decent.” Here’s what some of the critics had to say about “old web-head” across the United States:

“It’s overstuffed with plot lines, set pieces and villains, although stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone do their best to give the movie heart.” — Los Angeles Times

Amazing Spider-Man 2 a strenuously chipper but nonetheless saggy, baggy and mostly ho-hum addition to the Spider-Man canon, belongs to the latter category, with the added asterisk that what was once its greatest strength — its casting — is on the verge of becoming its biggest liability.” —Washington Post

“The reborn franchise did the job, “won” the opening weekend, placated the fans,” — New York Times

“Already spinning large webs of money overseas, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a decent superhero franchise product, lent some personality by Andrew Garfield’s skyscraper hair and the actor’s easy, push-pull rapport with co-star Emma Stone, who plays the eternally disappointed Gwen.” – Chicago Tribune 

And in India its like:

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes with two villains with just enough character and enough acting abilities to make the contest worthwhile.”-Indian Express

“The film may be overly long (almost two-and-a-half hours), has way too many villains (three at the last count) and a few jumbled up plotlines, but it is text book comic superhero film. So, if you can manage suspension of disbelief (you are watching a superhero flick, after all) then this is the film for you. “- The Hindustan Times

What did you think of the new Spider-Man Film? Do You love all the action? Let us know.

Also tell us who was a better spiderman Andrew Garfield or Toby Magazine

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