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Elon Musk fights old transportation with Tesla and SpaceX

Elon Musk



The FTC has come to Tesla’s defence in a very big way. In an official blog post FTC says not to create laws banning car companies to make sales directly to the consumer’s as it poses no threats to traditional dealerships. In the post taking Tesla’s side the FTC quotes-

 What it could represent is a real change to the way cars are sold that might allow Tesla to expand in the future and prove attractive to other manufacturers, whether established or new ones that have yet to emerge, and consumers


Well the commissions bigger point here is whether or not Tesla’s business model proves superior, Staying away from a decade old model could produce harmful consequences to innovation and competition. But Tesla against the system isn’t anything new for Elon Musk. He had made a name for himself trying to change the established industries.

Last August Musk revealed plans for a so called Hyperloop that can take passengers from LA to San Francisco in less than a half hour. Seeing these plans come to reality is years away if ever, But this makes Musk reputation of thinking big. SpaceX another company musk founded was established making the space exploration affordable.

Musk Quotes-



It’s just one of several fights that Elon Musk is having this week with various old guards of transportation (don’t forget about SpaceX vs. Boeing and Lockheed Martin).

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