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Nike abandons the Fuelband and lays off a majority of its hardware division

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On friday Nike confirmed reports that it’s laying off majority of it’s employees in it’s hardware division which makes the fuelband lineup for fitness trackers as well as the Nike+ watches. Cnet Reports that as many as 55 people on Nike’s 70% hardware team were laid off last thursday.

Even though fuelband launched in 2012 with ecstatic consumer demand, nike was unable to capitalise and just provided minor updates to the wearables. And with the devices such as Fitbit Flex, Nike is not the one available on the court. Well Nike’s announcement is surprising as fuelband is one of the best fitness trackers available in the market, It seems like nike saw the upcoming storm.

With the last months announcement of android wear by Google and the possibility of apple releasing the smart watch (iWatch) fitness companies are not the only one present in that market. Nike is not a technology company and it knows it, Where nike says that it will continue the fuelband app we feel that they might tie up with apple for the upcoming iWatch.

Nike also shifted it focus to fitness softwares where it will allow people to integrate the software to there wearable devices. Well with Apple and Google coming in the game we are going to have the best year for wearable devices


Source: Cnet Reports


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