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Mission towards reusable rockets: SpaceX



Elon Musk and SpaceX continue their goal towards commercial space travel. SpaceX launches its third supply mission to the International Space Station and continues toward its goal of affordable space travel.

The Falcon nine rocket and the accompanying Dragon capsule took of on April 18 from Cape Canaveral. The launch gives SpaceX a platform to test it’s next step for reusable rockets. Once the Dragon capsule detaches the rocket will slow itself down and will drop back towards the Earth guided towards an ocean where it could be found and reused again. Well a Nasa space exploration costs around 450 million dollars in which a lot of money is used to make the rockets that just crash into the ocean, SpaceX’s idea does make sense.

SpaceX launch’s cost is about 56 million dollars and the big part, Elon Musk says he can cut that by half. Well the chances were not as great of landing varying from 30-40 % still it did. SpaceX and NASA will be breaking new grounds on the international space station. The Dragon capsule headed to the space station is carrying some sort of rashes kept inside an experimental test chamber, It’s a part of a new project which gives astronauts a source of fresh food.

Well all of this is just phase one for SpaceX, Musk should make commercial space travel not just reality but also an affordable one.

Source: CNN

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