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Samsung’s New Gear Fit: Review




Samsung’s history with wearables is spotty at best. But the Gear Fit is a more interesting proposition: it’s one part fitness tracker, one part smartwatch, with a curved screen and software designed specifically for your wrist. But is this the one we’ve been waiting for?

The $199 Galaxy Fit is Samsung’s  first attempt to make a wrist-worn fitness tracker. The device borrows a lot of element from the previous generation Galaxy Gear. It’s one of the most handsome of Samsung’s devices with a kind of attractive design and more or less because of its slim profile.

It’s made of rubber and plastic so its definitely not premium, but looking at it’s profile it won’t look that bad at all. The real star of the show here though is the fit’s gorgeous curved touch screen display which is bright, vibrant and has incredible viewing angles. The screen is also easy to read outdoors which accordingly is very important for a fitness device. Not only this the curved display actually makes sense where it makes the device fairly easy to wear and use, The place where competitors like fitbit fails. Unfortunately a device makes sense only when its works the way it’s meant to do with extra beauty, which is not the case with Gear Fit.

The Verge  Quotes:-

The fit is not a very good fitness tracker and not a very good smartwatch.


The fits horizontal layout which is by default proves it very difficult to use. And when the orientation is changed from that awkward feeling horizontal view to the vertical view, it just makes the text more condensed and needs a lot of swiping for viewing it. And the worst part, the touch screen isn’t always responsive i.e. times may come when you have to tap a lot of times for just going back or changing an option. The fit does do the things a fitness tracker is meant to do, but all is done in an awkward or just not at all accurate manner. The fit count your steps, tracks your sleep and even has a built in heart rate monitor.  The Verge  also points out that the step counter is wildly inaccurate and provides a lot more steps then it should have for many of the activities. Likewise the slow heart-rate sensor gives the readings which don’t always lies with the state of activity. Still think nothing more could make it worse, well here’s another turn off:- Using the fit to track your activities is also kind off annoying/bad/whatever worst you would like to call. You actually have to tell the watch to tell the activity, yes its the reality activity tacking is not done automatically i.e. you have to tell the band to track your steps/sleep/other activities.The fit pairs with Samsung’s S Health app which is currently available only in Galaxy S V. But the app also lacks in some parts.

There are other inputs such as a built-in fitness coach that’s designed to give you challenges to meet your goals throughout the day. There’s also no way to view the sleep activity and samsung is not doing a great job in compiling all that data which is tracked and can make the data together into something that could be actually used. On the smartwatch side, the fit can show you basic notifications from including third party apps, and also shows the time, you can also clear notifications and also make some quick reply templates. But the battery is another turnoff requiring a charge in every two days, that makes the device fail in front of competitors and also the screen isn’t always on which makes it a lot more worst watch replacement. And when it comes to chargers well its just damn awkward. And even though it have a small battery it takes a very long time for it to get charged.

There’s going to be a lot of smart watches to be launched this year and  in addition a lot of fitness trackers. The Gear Fit’s limitations, price and the fact that it only works for samsung devices makes it low in front of competition.

Just be patient, you have much better options in the near future.

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