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Watch Star Wars Episode IV on CMD/Terminal

Getting Bored, Don’t know what to do? Here’s what we have for you.

You can watch the ASCII version of Star Wars Episode IV on your PC or Mac. Want to know how? Here have a look.

For Windows users:


Step 1: Go to control Panel and Select Programs and Features.


Control Panel



Step 2: In the programs and features panels select Turn Windows Features on or off present on the left sidebar.

Programs And Features

Step 3: Make sure that the check box of Telnet Server and Telnet Client is selected.

Telnet Server And Client Selected



Step 4:  Open the command prompt and type telnet


Command prompt


Then just wait for a while and watch the whole episode in ASCII

Star Wars Episode IV


Star Wars Episode IV




For Mac Users:

Simply open terminal write telnet and wait for a while

telnet on mac terminal



Starting and waiting for starwars in telnet



Star Wars Episode IV on terminal mac


R2 D2 on mac terminal

 Flaws: Whole movie is without sound, You need an internet connection for this



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