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Aereo’s next big step: Bringing live TV to Chromecast on May 29th


Chet Kanojia A man India is proud of and american broadcasters are sick of is now again ready to bring a new change.

Well, I think all of us know that the only thing Google’s 35$ Chromecast dongle can’t do is streaming live television, that won’t be the case now for long enough. On may 29th Aereo (a streaming telivision startup) will release an updated version of its Android app that includes support for streaming live broadcast television shows to your Chromecast.

For those of you who don’t know what Aereo is, It lets its customers watch over-the-air TV shows from a web browser thanks to a tiny antenna that captures the signals for storage on a remotely accessible server. That mean’s that you would be able to watch (live) and record your favourite television program let’s say the upcoming FIFA worldcup 2014 from anywhere you get the data connection from. Chet Kanojia before also said that he would love to give support in Chromecast.

Well that’s good for all? Unfortunately not. Aereo provides it’s services in only the United States. Not only this, Aereo is stuck in legal limbo– it still works in about 10 major cities, but Its service has been shut down in Utah thanks to a preliminary injunction upheld by the US Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. That also means that Aereo’s expansion in the region has basically ground to a halt. And let’s not forget that the Supreme Court is set to hear the first oral arguments over claims that Aereo has infringed broadcaster’s copyright in just a few weeks.

At last:

We Indians are proud of Chet Kanojia and I’m more proud as he was born in my city, Not only this. He has also become an idol for many indian youngsters and startups.


Source:  Engadget

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