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Robots being taught by Microsoft: Group Behaviour and Drawing from memory




Well we as humans can easily predict how humans will behave, and we are also able to predict that particularly in groups. But artificial intelligence still have a long way to go to do such thing, really?

Well according to Microsoft’s Situated Interactions project, Artificial Intelligence will be far more flexible in handling one on one discussions if the project pays off. The research initiative has produced sensor-equipped robots that can not only recognize multiple people, but infer their objectives and roles. Office assistants can tell who’s speaking and respond in kind, while a lobby robot can call the elevator if it sees a crowd headed in that direction.

Few robots also have the ability or let’s say human like ability to draw from their memory, Just like an expansion of Siri or Cortana.  In addition to knowing your schedule, they can detect your presence and make predictions of availability based on your habits; they’ll know if you haven’t been around in a while, or when you’re likely to wrap up a conversation.One robot will even know that you’re coming because you asked one of its fellow machines for directions.

Its pretty doubtful to see their production anytime soon still we’ll wait to see what blasts of as a surprise from Microsoft

Via: Engadget

Source: Microsoft Research

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