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Perpetual power reserve phone: A luxury phone by Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer released a new phone wait, who?

Well, TAG Heuer is launching MERIDIIST Infinite with something the company is calling a perpetual power reserve: A communication instrument can maintain the charge level of its battery in standby mode. An invisible photovoltaic component is built into the sapphire crystal screen, which produces enough electricity under specific natural or artificial light source to charge the phone. The company is merely harnessing Wysips transparent solar panel, which shoves a clear photovoltaic cell between the glass and LCD elements of the display. It’ll automatically begin trickle-charging your phone as soon as the screen is exposed to natural and some artificial light with at least enough power to maintain the battery level in standby mode.

The company will sell out only 1,911 devices that too with a price tag of 7000$ for a froyo device, better to buy a solar panel instead.

Source: TAG Heuer News


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